Common Ground Review is a free access on-line magazine as of Fall 2020. 

 We do not charge to read submissions for the magazine.  We do have a $15 fee for entering the poetry contest (see Spring/Summer).  We are happy to accept simultaneous submissions except for the poetry contest

We are a member of CLMP.


We are open for all submissions from September 1 to May 1.     


Our Poetry Contest offers a $500 first prize, $200 second prize, and $100 third prize, in addition to publication.  We also publish Honorable Mentions.  The Poetry Contest has a different guest judge each year, and a deadline: entries for the contest must be postmarked or emailed by April 15th.  No simultaneous submissions are allowed.  Each entry can have up to 3 poems, of no more than 60 lines each, and poets can submit more than one entry as long as they also pay the fee for each entry.

 See our website at:

Sample Copies and Ordering 

If you are interested in ordering copies of our print issues, these cost $6 per copy (includes the cost of mailing.)

Please send a check made out to Western New England University to 

Janet Bowdan, H-5132

Common Ground Review

Western New England University

1215 Wilbraham Rd.

Springfield, MA  01119

Please submit up to 3 poems in a single document.  Poems should be single-spaced, and no more than 60 lines each.  

Of course, these poems should not have been previously published.  You are welcome to submit them elsewhere while waiting to hear from us; just let us know if they are accepted, and we will rejoice with you.

Please include a brief bio (50-75 words).

Creative Non-Fiction submissions should be no more than 12 pages, double-spaced.  While we are equally intrigued by memoir, travel writing, literary journalism, and lyrical essays, we are, above all, looking for well organized, thoughtful and imaginative discussions.  And of course, these should not have been published elsewhere.

In the document, please include a brief bio (50 words or so).

Short stories should be a maximum of 12 pages, double-spaced.  While we love reading well-written genre fiction in our daily lives, our aim for the magazine is to spotlight more innovative and thoughtful stories that could be categorized as literary.  As CGR is primarily a poetry magazine, we are particularly interested in stories that are attentive to and careful about the use of language.

Of course, these stories should not have been previously published, though you are welcome to submit them elsewhere.  Just let us know if they have been accepted, and we will rejoice with you.

In your document, please include a brief bio (50 words or so).

Common Ground Review